To whom it concerns: Depression

reaching the light

Dear friend depression

You have reached out to me when the world turned its back to me.

You welcomed me, nourished me and hosted in your family.

You introduced me to your fiends bitterness, loneliness, grief , hatred, stress and anxiety;

You got me under the wing of bitterness that rocked me in his arms every night.

Your neighbor sobriety became my worst enemy,

allergic, was i, to him during long nights and days.


Dear dear friend Sadness

You taught me to love the darkness, cherish obscurity of the black holes.

You taught me how to enjoy the dark side of the dark side.

You whispered to me that you friends keep me alive when the wold was telling me dead inside.

You taught me to love solitude, worships tears, applauded the anger hits, enjoy the fear and dream of death.


Dear dear friend Depression

I had a wonderful holidays with jealousy.

I had wonderful love making with hardship.

I enjoyed my romantic evenings with intolerance.

I had to travel to heavenly paradises with misery.

I climbed the orgasm mountain several times with your best friend suicide.


Dear dear dear friend Depression

I got more into you

I loved your company

I made you my everything and my only reason to live

I felt helpless without you


However dear dear tender depression

I met someone,

he is called Hope

he has many friends, joy, happiness and love

he is warm, charming and smiling.

he is your positive version

he encouraged to attend such places such as risk club and adventure swimming pool

he invites me to parties organized by the enthusiasm, life and dreams



Dear dear friend depression

This is a break up letter you receive today

This love was shared

This affection as mutual

This house was my source of survival

This love has been my rock


Dear love Depression…

with passionate love, the prisoner tenderness, selfish affection in which you kept me

with icy dungeon in which i lived,  the guarded by your bloody and suicidal demons

with flogs on my naive skin

with clamps on my interrogative nipples

i can bettet enjoy the hope and his family



In this early 2016,

i packed my bags out of your place.

In this early 2016,

i end our 8 years relationships.


This is not a goodbye because i know you would pay me some visit from time to time

Your visits will be persistent in early days

You friends will invite me to lavish dinners

Your family will write long love letters


I will miss you because such separation still hurts at the beginning.


Dear dear friend depression, i say goodbye to you and beg you to never contact me again.








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