That sexuality, that bother.


” I am not afraid of going to jail, I am afraid of what will happen to me in jail” I was thinking while following the police officers across tens of people sitting on the floor.

Uganda is rated # 2 amongst the most homophobic countries in the world. In the pearl of uganda, being homosexuals does not only get you life sentenced, but it also gets you beaten, harassed or raped.
From July to august, i had the incredible honor to be part of the organisation of Miss & Mr pride Uganda. I got to know so many people from the LGBT community, whom I am truly fond of. Unfortunately their stories is not always pleasant to listen to. Why is it happening when there are so many LGBT NGOS ? What are they doing? Why those people are not asking for some help to those NGOs ?
I still do not have words to describe what happened on the 2nd of august at the club venom and recently at one entebbe beach.  At miss &Mr pride that night,I horrifyingly witnessed the beating of harassment of people. It looked like a SWAT embuscade like in those American movies. While some transwomen were quickly removing their feminine artillerie oh god there are wigs on the floors, who lost her wig , some were looking for places to hide and others surrendering to their fate just started wailing. After one hour of apocalyptic chaos, police ordered the crowd remaining in the building to sit down…on the floor. I observed the three different types of military men verbally harassing people. how could all those men arrive at the same time and lock gates and doors without nobody noticing it? Was the information about the event leaked? This operation was too well planned, too well…the police knew about the event and were prepared for it. While my thoughts were busy processing what has just happened, a police officer dressed in civil summoned me to get up and follow him, emphasising how beautiful I am and if i came to attend my wedding. For real?? ” Are you asking me to follow you because i am beautiful or just because I am dressed In  white? ” I sarcastically replied. OK but for real girl, you have heard what happens to LGBT people in jail, that sh*t is serious! Why the f*** did I break up with my ex boyfriend ? ? I would have had him come here to save me from prison?? Why?why? Why? What if I get raped there? When I got in front of the officer, i immediately asked him on what grounds I was getting arrested for? For drinking alcohol or for attending the event? He shrunk and asked me to sit down in front of him with the others, as soon as he realizes that I was not Ugandan. One of them took a picture of me with others people. I won’t be surprised to see my picture on red peppers newspaper : A lesbian wedding. They released us few hours later, no apologies, unacceptable excuses for such harassment. Human rights being violated by the right hand of the government just in front of me. The whole month of August was hide & sick game, people flew out of town, some locked themselves up in their homes. Mainly people whom their pictures got taken at the police station and people whom their pictures got leaked from social médias. But it was especially because of the following threats of the minister of ethics about arresting all the organisers of the event. Oh my…Am I safe? Why am I afraid of by the way?well well well…

I was flabbergasted seeing how much a ministry can be a propagandist of homophobia. I even got more than flabbergasted is there any word stronger than flabbergasted? need to check that tho when I heard the Pride parade will be held in September. This is too too soon…way too soon during the nyege nyege festival, the advice from people were unanimous, they should wait a little longer. Even the famous transwoman human rights activist bad black shouted through social médias her worries about the following day event. What happened on saturday 24th was predictable. While i was on my way to attend the parade, messages started popping up

Twitter : @kuchutimes police have raided uganda pride
@celine_***** twice in less than three months, the police has stopped us from partying.

Will they go that far? To bring back projectors io uganda? It is true that there are so many LGBT NGOS , that it confuses international donors, so luck that the funds to those local NGOS have been reduced those past months. They needed money back in their pockets. They succeeded didn’t they? All eyes on uganda now! Whether it is them the jailers or the prisoners.

Skype : @Mr*******: Miss, I would not advised you to attend the event. The police have raided ugandan pride again.

Wassap: @andré 👮👮👮👮👮
@b**** don’t bring yo *** over here cops na everywhere abeg

Viber : @i tooooollld u those ****** will show up!! Enjoy your jail times gurl!!deuces !

I thought of all those people , more than 100 people, getting arrested again. My refugees friends, another traumatised experience for them. Their pictures got leaked after the venom incident, They got verbally assaulted , they fled from their home after the venom tragedy. They got compensated by some NGOs but still commooooon, they don’t deserve such a a pain again. Some NGOs and people will use them Again, they will use their stories to raise funds AGain, they will never give them support after receiving the funds, AGAin. And if they do, they will give them such a small amount AGAIn, and those refugees will keep on suffering, AGAIN! LGBT refugees: new business!!! I headed back to kampala, I did not know how to feel about the current event. I was swimming between horrification and pure sadness. I later on attended the pride after party held in one local bar in kampala. Joy, happiness, dancing moves, and laugh were all over the place. Despite the unfortunate event earlier in the morning, people were rejoicing I am glad to see so much love around me, that’s the kind of spirit they should daily live on. The parade got cancelled and it is sad. Some people who are not financially viable came to me and we started chatting about the recent events. I remenber ed having a similar talk with people at a private event held after the police tornado at venom. I asked them : “who betrayed your community? Who leaked the information ?” As as a foreigner, many people from low class life confide in me, secretly hoping that I will somehow help them or raise awareness and I heard disturbing some tories. Please guys, answer the god**** question!!! I do not what to think that this stuff I have heard. Is it true that som LGBT NGOS are the ones calling the police to arrest homosexuals ? I did not get any answer except from the palpable unease my question has gave birth to. I later on asked them :” is it because of money?”. I immediately got an answer that it was a competitor of venom who informs the police. I should not argue more, people look very uncomfortable after this question,I should probably shut the hell up and leave this place. However, if it is because of the money, well…i also heard that some NGOs who call police to arrest people are the same ones who will later, call donors to request for funds to bail out the same people they have sent to prison. Oh that’s really creepy!!! Scary as f****!!!!
That memory suddenly made me scared and I left the party immediately afterwards.

I do not deny the fact that there are NGOs which are doing a great job in the community, but I do say that there are some NGOs which are all about but making profit . Ugandan lgbt people are still suffering because they do not trust some of those NGOs. The ugandan lgbt people do not believe that they can achieve success because kuchu times do not publish positives stories more often or never, about come out successful lgbt people .
I do believe every country has its it’s flaws and qualities, but I also believe that 89% of those flaws come from within. I do believe that human rights exist, but I also believe that it’s nonexistence in some countries is encouraged by the government and sometimes its people. I do believe that homosexuality is still a sensitive subject , mainly in Muslim and African countries, that as slaves were waiting for the abolition law to be passed, that’s the way ugandan will wait for their acceptance as lgbt people. I do believe in change but I also believe that change takes time. I do believe that people are afraid of speaking the truth about the other face of homosexuality in uganda, but i also believe that by choosing not to say the truth is putting more victims on the guillotine. I  believe that they are lgbt people who have proudly embrace their lives, and i also believe that there are some who are forced to stay in the closet. I believe that there are some police officers who are not homophobic but are forced to follow orders because they get mouths to feed, but I also believe that some Ugandans police officers whoare the prime human rights rapists. I believe that’s there are some people in the ugandan government who are human rights activists , but I also believe that money can buy a vote.
I do believe in kind hearted international/regional /national/local donors who have helped and still trying to, but I also believe when my mother is always investigating the facts real or not ,everytime someone asks her for money before helping.





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