I love you because You are a Foreigner

I have been meaning to write this post for months now. But I got less motivated with tile flying by. My brutal return to uganda under stressful circonstances got me into trusting the wrong people. Also, I have heard so many disturbing stories which left with a nausea taste in my mouth. Girls attempting suicide after boyfriends left as soon as he got his new nationality or men running mad in nairobi streets after girlfriends emptied their bank accounts. Very sad. I have been in interracial relationships before, so I am in the position to be a bit judgemental on this matter.

The globalisation and the media have procreated positive and negative phenomenons. For many Africans, live overseas or have a good taxe free life has became the ultimate priority, at any cost. People living in developing countries know the phenomenon as white marriage. Interracial marriage was banned in several countries throughout the history and it is still a taboo in some cultures. But In the 21st century, exogamy and transnational marriage are booming, sometimes not for the good reasons..
In East Africa , mzungu is a bantu language term used in the great lakes region to refer to people of European descent ( source, Wikipedia ). As a foreigner living in uganda, people call me mzungu, whereas I am not Caucasian but just fair light skinned woman. Being called a mzungu means people assuming that I am wealthy just because they are assuming it and they can benefit from me…at any cost.

Some people I know, have been victim of their mzungu appartenance, through friends, boyfriend, girlfriends or even spouse. It is pretty difficult to differentiate who truly appreciate you for who you are or just because you are foreigner.

The mzungu hunting business is booming with globalisation, vulonteers, investors, tourists, social medias and recently ” #blacklivesmatter “. Some hunters are so cold hearted that they go to the extent of pushing a foreigner to abandon his/her family back in their country of origin. I have seen  it and the girl who left her husband got dumped immediately after the guy got the Canadian passport.true story. In the case of East africa, tourists come and go on on daily basis. It gives a huge marge of options to those blood suckers to create their personal ATMs. I tried to come up  with few reasons to understand the mzunging hunting disaster but the list is much more larger and darker than the ones I listed below:

  • religion : religion has made people lazy. Mainly Africans. Always eager for free things, free drinks, free ride and free everything. We all love free things but we do not necessarily make a business out of it.
  • 400 years post slavery: I really do not understand why black people are always dwelling in the past . Yes it was one of the most cruel prejudice in human history and we are still facing the consequences until today, but get over it. Some Internet scammers it cameroon, Nigeria , ivory Coast and Ghana commonly use the slavery reason and the post colonialism illusion to justify and inflict some real financial  damages to foreigners. The color is not a must anymore, as long as you are a foreigner.
  • Misconception of all white people and foreigners are rich. Despite the huge currency difference between developed countries and developing countries, life overseas is really not easy. You must pay taxes for everything that you are using and owning. The banking sector is really fucked up and empoverishes people on a hourly basis. Some of those foreigners relocating in African countries are looking for a better way of life, making their dreams come true. Not all of them are rich.
  • laziness. In accordance with so many things. I am sorry to say this but hose mzungu hunters are just lazy. I remenber asking to a rasta friend of mine why he is not working. He straightforwardly answered that he doesn’t see himself getting up every morning to go to work or wearing an office suit or cutting his dreadlocks. Well meanwhile, his life depends on foreigners to party. Strange… so they are and I am the one taking care of your laziness.
  • Pride : Yes pride. The most devastating deadly sins. They are so used to hang out at luxury places such as cayenne, big mikes, attending fancing mzungu parties, posting pictures on social médias with their foreigner/mzungu friends, that they cannot allow themselves to step down from that style of life. I have witnessed several Ugandans turning down jobs as a driver or at a local supermarket or a cook in restaurants. Just because they have a certain standard. Well when it comes to survival, you must take any decent jobs which come on your way.

This post is to scream my disgust about the behaviors of my black brothers and sisters.  YOU are making us look fool, bad and needy. You deliberately tarnishing our image. And yiu do not exploiting your owns. I also want to warn foreigners. Being a foreigner is not easy and you need/must blend in order to fit in. However, sometimes, we, foreigners, encourage those so called mzungu hunters friends to exploit us. I have been been a victim many times and I learned through through a hard way that the most welcoming people are sometimes the most dangerous ones.

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