7 Ways to Overcome drug Addiction

I used to be a drug addict , drinking everyday,  smoking like a chimney. I even took hard drugs like cocaïne,  estacsy and so on… I was digging my own grave on a daily basis. I stopped many times, only to find myself reproducing the same darkness, even worse than before. The events of the past 5 months have made me change for good. I went through the most devastating,  painful and humiliating circonstances I ever experienced in my entire life.  I finally understood that drugs, soft or hard ones are not the solutions to my problems. Drinking alcohol or smoking a cigarette is not the problem, the problem is being addicted to it. Whether you are acddicted to alcohol or any harsh drugs, this article might be of great help for you.

  1. Seek help : seek help, whether it is a counsellor , a group therapy or a psychologist.  Don’t be proud of asking for help. We often disguise our despair, depression or melancholy under drug addiction. I have been there. If you cannot stop on your own, seek help. Talk to a friend, a spouse or anybody who is closed to you. There are people willing to help you. If you leave in western countries, there are even special services that you can call and talk about your situation. In the case you have anybody ,in the situation I found myself into, no friends at all to confide in, seek medical help.
  2. Believe in yourself : The problem with drug addicts is our eternal insults and low Esteem towards ourselves. We actually stop believing that we can achieve anything ( finding jobs, writte project, having families…etc). There are hundreds, not to say thousands of podcasts, videos and articles throughout the Internet which will definitely advice you ln how to regain confidence. Read, download, watch. I personally read a lot of testimonies about the law of attraction. I read all the books of  “the secret”. I watched documentaries about it, watched law of attraction motivational speakers. Don’t be scared of fighting for your life.
  3. Each Step at the time : The best way to overcome an addiction is to start one day at the time. I used to repeat to myself for few days, “the next 30mn I will not drink”. Then I went on to “the next 1 hour I will not drink”, then “today I will not drink”. Finally “I will not drink this week”. some people can go on that exercise saying that they will not drink for a month. I failed on that one. Having weekly hindrances work for me.  Step by step, don’t give to yourself an exaggerated number which you will not be able to respect. I have made that mistake many times.
  4. Be active, be busy : Register to gym club, do fitness at home. If you cannot afford a gym center, start exercising at home with a friend. Go for a daily run. Find different activities to do. You need to replace an addiction with another one, Something more positive. I chose to go back to my 2 first loves : drawing and piano. It has helped me a lot. I know how lazy drug addicts can be, because I have been there and I am still fighting against it. It is time to stop being lazy and be active.
  5. Avoid places which sell any kind of drugs: I know that’s a little bit tricky but for for a beginning , you must. Mainly if you cannot afford a rehabilitation center. If you are leaving alone, ask family menbers or friends to do your groceries. If you don’t have any closed relatives or friends, ask a neighbor and explain to him why. Many times, I went to the local grocery store and found myself in front of the liquor corridor, only after 3 days of sobriety.  And of course, I ended up buying booze. If you are taking hard drugs, please delete your suppliers numbers.  Even change your number. I know that it is really extreme but drastic measures come with desesperate situations. And if you are reading this article,  you are in one.
  6. Don’t go to bars or restaurants or parties or clubs : avoid those places until you are strong enough to say NO to a “free drink”. We all have been in those situation, you desesperately trying to overcome alcoholism and your buddies are  busy buying you drinks. I am able to do it now, I can stay weeks without drinking and have only one drink in one night. If you  are not strong enough or obliged to go because it is a family event or business meeting, bring a friend along. Someone who will be able to monitor you. If you don’t have any friends, ask for a colleague or someone from your group therapy.  Don’t be afraid of asking for help. We are all human beings and everybody has its own secret addiction and secretly wish that somebody will help them overcoming it.
  7. Avoid Unnecessary friends : I recently moved back to kampala and I realized that all the people I know in this town, are party animals. Drinking Drinking smoking 24/7. after work, oh let’s have a beer at that new spot. 1, 2,3,4,5…i can’t count anymore, am i getting tipsy ?  we all have those of friends in our life. Try to explain to them the recent changes in your life. If they do not want to listen to you or help you, delete their contacts. Don’t forget that you were born alone, and even if you have a twin as my case,  you Don’t  share their same destiny. In my case I deleted 95% of my kampala acquaintances. YES,  now I call them acquaintances.

I hope that post has helped you somehow. If you feel like giving up or it is too much for you, feel free to ask me questions,  I will be glad to help you. No one was there to help me except myself.

How bad do you want a change in your life?


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